Monday, May 2, 2011

Saw this on ridetheblackline


Well there’s not much bike racing going on in this video from last weekend’s Thunderdrome II races at Dorais Park Velodrome in Detroit (yeah, that’s the abandoned one) — but it still looks pretty f’n rad.

Velo City Messenger Class Race Report From Jimmy:

so the fixed gear class was the last event held that day. there was a lot of cool stuff going on all day. pit pikes were nuts! and mopeds had one of the sketchiest double crashes i have ever seen. try to imagine what would happen if two wide open throttle mopeds launched out of turns three and four at the same time, all while spectators where at the top of the bowl. fortunately, no one got too seriously hurt. fixed gear race was held right after that epic crash, so the mood was a little dark. but an awesome way to end the day. the only out of towner to my knowledge was a guy named scott from l.a. dude had legs as long as i am tall. true track racer on a true track rig. i was out in front setting the pace when he made his move the last half of the final lap. i snuck up right behind him, and after turn four pushed with everything i had. i was running 48x13 so it felt like three big cranks, and with one last push i shoved my bike in front of me to beat him by a little more then half a wheel. perfect way to end the day. i brought my wife and two sons out with me (5y.o. and 9 months). we arrived at 9 am and didn’t race till 5 pm. so it was a long day. but absolutely worth it!